Complexity At It's Simplest

Like anyone actually reads this. But to those of you who do,


Chris Dam
June 26,1993
Proud Cupertino High Alumni '11
Currently Attending Deanza
Employed at Buffalo Wild Wings as a Guest Experience Captain/Server/Expo
Photography is my life.
I love music, guitar, food and football.

Everything you see here is all what my life is. If you don't like what you see? Feel free to unfollow, but if you don't mind it and you enjoy my posts, you can follow!

Because everything you see is what my life is. Complex but simple.

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Cliche thanks to my family and friends who surround me in my life today.

But really, this year has given me opportunities to realize how thankful I am for these people. As the first year of my college years, people will come and go and friendships changed drastically. I’ve became closer to different people and drifted away from many. This year has really shown me those who do care and appreciate me in their lives. To those who can hit me up with a text, to those who I kick it with everyday, to those who I can converse with everyday, to those who I can come to when I’m feeling low, to those who make my life what it is today. 

Thank you.


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