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Chris Dam
June 26,1993
Proud Cupertino High Alumni '11
Currently Attending Deanza
Employed at Buffalo Wild Wings as a Guest Experience Captain/Server/Expo
Photography is my life.
I love music, guitar, food and football.

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Because everything you see is what my life is. Complex but simple.

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Its been about 6 years since I met this kid. I remember when we met. It was over pizza. I just don’t remember if I gave him it or vice versa. However he has grown into such an amazing person. From being my 2012 rep, to later being my vice president, to being the one to take over the club, along with the other responsibilities he has; I’ve never been so proud to have known someone like him. I remembered before he would tell me that he looked up to me and I was the reason why he became involved, in return: he was the one I looked up to when it came to dedication and passion. He has so much love for everything he does; basketball, key club, fasa, asb, and especially his family. Its weird realizing that he’s graduating this year after knowing him since he was just a 7th grader. I know he’s gonna do incredible things and I can’t wait to see what he can achieve in the future. Thanks Jomel for saving me when I needed it and thanks for always keeping me on track.

Thank you Nicole for the picture. ^_^

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